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United Nations Sovereignty

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, what is the proper function of the United Nations? Is it a forum for countries to come together to promote peace, security, and human rights? Or is it an independent entity that determines and establishes the law and regulations to govern member states?

General Secretary Ban Ki-moon has made it clear in recent comments that the U.N. Climate Summit in Copenhagen will not be successful unless a firm deadline for a legally binding agreement is in place.

In Copenhagen, the U.N. is advocating for U.N. bureaucrats with the legal power to regulate the actions of member states. We should not let the health of our economy rest on the collective decisions of a group containing antagonistic and autocratic governments who do not have the American people's interests at heart, let alone the interests of their own citizens.

Do we really want Burma, Iran, and North Korea and other despotic governments setting the rules that govern how American businesses operate? I certainly do not.

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