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Introducing The Common Sense Tax Relief Act Of 2009

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, D.C.

Introducing The Common Sense Tax Relief Act Of 2009

* Mr. FRELINGHUYSEN. Madam Speaker, I rise today to offer legislation to address the needs of Americans across the country who have been unnecessarily burdened by taxes, entitled ``The Common Sense Tax Relief Act of 2009.''

* As you all are well aware, Americans are extremely concerned with the current state of the economy and they are looking to their government to foster an economic environment that promotes growth.

* At a time when Congress is considering health care and energy bills that will significantly raise taxes on all Americans, we must be cognizant of the fact that overall tax bills keep rising.

* Over the past year, unprecedented spending on government programs through the so- called ``stimulus bill'' and the bloated Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009 has produced, at best, modest signs of recovery.

* Americans have felt a great deal of uncertainty as their jobs remain in jeopardy and they are unsure as to what additional financial burden will be levied upon them by the federal government.

* I represent a state that currently has the highest tax burden in the nation, and to add insult to injury, New Jersey receives the least amount of federal dollars back from Washington per taxpayer.

* Every weekend that I am back in my district, I hear from constituents who have had enough with being taxed by a government that has made no effort to follow these constituents lead in getting their financial houses in order.

* For this reason, I have offered the Common Sense Tax Relief Act of 2009. This legislation seeks to make permanent several widely supported tax credits that will directly benefit families and small businesses seeking relief, clarity and certainly in their financial planning.

* To assist families, this bill will make permanent the child tax credit and the marriage penalty relief tax credit. To assist in the advancement of education, this bill will make permanent the teacher tax deduction, and the tuition deduction. And to assist small business and families seeking to plan their financial futures, the bill makes permanent the current capital gains and dividends tax rates and eliminates the ``death tax.''

* Madam Speaker, I urge the immediate consideration of this important legislation that will help propel our economy forward and provide significant relief to all of our constituents.

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