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Tax Extenders Act Of 2009

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Tax Extenders Act Of 2009


Ms. BERKLEY. Mr. Speaker, I thank the gentleman, who is doing a remarkably good job, in spite of all the misinformation on the other side, of moving this bill along.

I rise in support of this legislation to extend expiring tax provisions. It is very important that Congress pass this bill this year.

Allowing these provisions to expire would amount to a tax increase at a most challenging economic time for our Nation's businesses and families. Waiting to enact an extension retroactively would add to the already uncertain business climate and make tax planning all the more difficult for companies and individuals that depend on these tax credits.

The bill extends necessary tax relief to parents and teachers, college students, homeowners, small businesses, and millions of other middle-income families. This legislation is needed in my State for so many critical things. It ensures that Nevada residents who do not pay a State income tax can continue to deduct their sales and State tax from their Federal income tax. For Nevada college students, most of whom come from middle-income families, deduction of their tuition makes the difference between going to college and not going to college.

The bill extends a few alternative and renewable energy tax credits, so critical at this particular time, such as the tax incentive for natural gas and propane used as a fuel in transportation vehicles. These important provisions will help increase clean energy production and consumption.

When it comes to the State of Nevada, and all politics is local, I would like to tell the other side how important this is to the people I represent. This is not a joke, and this is not using these people. This is providing tax relief for millions and millions of people across the country and hundreds of thousands of Nevadans.

Over 23,000 teachers in my home State will not get a tax benefit for purchasing school supplies out-of-pocket if we don't pass this.

The SPEAKER pro tempore. The time of the gentlewoman has expired.

Mr. NEAL of Massachusetts. I yield the gentlewoman 30 additional seconds.

Ms. BERKLEY. Over 32,000 families in my State will not be able to deduct their higher education tuition costs, and 346,000 Nevada families in my State will not be able to deduct the State sales tax that they pay. This would be a loss of a $574 million benefit for the State of Nevada. And 141 businesses in my State will not be able to get a credit for their crucial research and development costs.

I submit to you, Mr. Speaker, this is an important piece of legislation. It is timely. We need to pass it now.


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