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Public Statements

In Opposition To The Stupak Amendment

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

* Madam Speaker, I rise to join my colleagues in opposition to further restrictions on the constitutionally guaranteed right to abortion.

* Last night the other body wisely defeated an amendment mirrored on the Stupak language that would have gone far and away beyond the current Hyde Amendment restrictions on abortion law.

* That amendment, like the Stupak amendment we adopted in the House represented a blatant attack on women.

* It attempts to dictate how individual Americans can spend their own money. That is simply outrageous.

* The federal government has no place inserting itself between the medical decisions that a woman makes with her doctor.

* This is a democracy, not a theocracy. The religious views of some should not dictate public policy for all.

* We've got to follow the Senate's lead and strip the Stupak language from the final health reform bill and ensure that woman can exercise their right to seek an abortion.

* We cannot and should not compromise away the rights of women to win votes.

* We have already compromised far too much.

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