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Broun Unveils A REAL Stimulus For REAL Americans

Press Release

Location: Washington, D.C.

Broun Unveils A REAL Stimulus For REAL Americans

U.S. Congressman Paul C. Broun, M.D. (GA-10) today announced a plan to provide real stimulus to hardworking Americans. Titled the JOBS (Jumpstart Our Business Sector) Act, H.R. 4100 would recoup unspent taxpayer money from the failed so-called "stimulus" and would provide for a two year decrease in taxes on business payrolls, corporate taxes, and the two lowest individual income brackets. H.R. 4100 would also place a two year moratorium on all capital gains and dividends taxes.

"Clearly, the so-called stimulus has failed to save or create the millions of jobs that the President promised," said Broun. "By introducing the JOBS Act, I am proposing a new way forward while preventing more tax dollars from going towards a failed plan. We can stimulate the economy by lowering taxes and freeing up the money that small businesses need to expand and hire. Not only would this bill create real and sustainable jobs, but it would also make the federal government more of an honest broker and less of a burden on small businesses."

Today, President Barack Obama is hosting a "jobs summit" at the White House and has indicated a desire to address our nation's rising unemployment woes through the private sector and not with more government spending that adds to our record levels of debt.

"I hope the President is sincere, and I stand ready to work with the Administration and my colleagues in this spirit. My JOBS Act does the very things the President has outlined. However, given who has been invited to this summit, I fear the President will be advised to spend even more," said Congressman Broun. "It's unfortunate that groups, like the United States Chamber of Commerce, the National Federation of Small Businesses, and others that represent literally millions of small businesses were not invited. In the midst of a deep recession, now is not the time to take advice from only those who sing your praises and promote more government spending."

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