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Fox News "Happening Now" - Transcript


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Fox News "Happening Now" - Transcript

On The President's Job Plan: One of the proposals that came out today was about the green jobs program… again, yet more of the Keynesian economic policies being promoted by this White House. Also, a proposal being called "cash for caulkers". This is akin to the "cash for clunkers" program where you are now going to give people money to fix up their homes. Again, maybe a laudable goal, but who is paying for this? The taxpayers are. One of the questions earlier on the show was "What does John Q. Public really get out of all this? He gets the bill.

On TARP: Beyond that, we have heard discussion about spending the TARP, which was an emergency program put into place last year. We ought not be doing that. That was always expected to be paid back to the taxpayers when it came back in.

On The Administration's Agenda: However, one of the things that concerns me in this discussion is that the President indicated he thought Republicans were out there scaring the people of this country, and that is what has driven the uncertainty. My response to that is, it is the policies and the agenda of this Administration that actually are scaring the people of this country and are causing businesses to stand on the sidelines.

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