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Cantor On President Obama's Push For Stimulus II


Location: Washington, DC

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor today issued the following statement after President Obama spoke about jobs and the economy at the Brookings Institution in Washington D.C.:

"Last week Republicans unveiled a "no-cost jobs plan' that will help to create certainty for investors and small business job creators and help get Americans back to work. Today the President spoke about jobs, and unveiled a proposal that essentially amounts to a Stimulus II plan. Stimulus I is not something Republicans believe worked in January, nor do we believe its latest incarnation will work today.

"The Democrats have a deep kitchen-table disconnect with the American people. The President says we need to "spend our way out of this recession," but there is no money left to be spent. Families cannot spend money that they do not have, and the Administration and the Congress need to be held to the same standard. The runaway spending and permanent bailout culture are irresponsible, and the consequences of that were made clear by Moody's Investors Service, who warned that America must get its fiscal house in order.

"Clearly President Obama came down on the side of Keynesian economics once again. We don't believe that is the way back to economic prosperity and job creation. At the end of the day, President Obama was elected on the promise of change, but right now the American people and businesses small and large, have had enough change and want some certainty."

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