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Martha Coakley Primary Victory Speech

Location: Unknown

Thank you! Thank you all!

I want to thank Senator Kerry, Congresswoman Niki Tsongas and Senate President Murray for those great introductions.

Last Thursday on our 12/08 Countdown Tour, I went to South Hadley, Massachusetts.

In a rally with a hundred college students was a young man in a wheelchair. He asked me why Massachusetts buildings didn't have full access for those with disabilities -- and I answered -- you know - we have not done as well as we should.

I told him that it was just one of the reasons I so admired Senator Ted Kennedy and his push to make life as fair as possible for everyone.

That young man gave me a small gift, which I did not open until this past Sunday morning. That gift was a mug, and on it was the text from Lewis Carroll's "Through the Looking Glass":

"There is no use trying," said Alice; "one can't believe impossible things."

"I dare say you haven't had much practice," said the Queen. "When I was your age, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast."

Well -- all I have to say is - we had to wait until after dinner, but we did what might have seemed impossible tonight!

I want to thank all of you and the thousands of others across this great Commonwealth, from the Berkshires to Boston, from Peabody to Provincetown, who worked so hard these past months to achieve this victory!

I am so grateful tonight for the help and inspiration I have received, from my campaign chairs -- Barbara Lee and Ralph Martin and my finance chairs -- Beth Boland and Katherine Clark, our staff and volunteers, my friends in labor, in public safety, in health care, elected officials and of course EMILY's List: all of whom every day in this campaign made tonight's victory, well, quite possible!!!

We all know there were plenty of skeptics out there.

They said, how could an attorney general win? We believed it was quite possible!

How could she raise the money? But we believed it was quite possible!

They said women don't have much luck in Massachusetts politics -- we believed, that it was quite possible that that luck was about to change!!!!!

With focus, grit, hard work, optimism, enthusiasm, commitment, and yes, a sense of humor, you all made tonight possible!

You helped me convince the voters to send a different kind of leader to Washington, one who can see all the possibilities and who will get to work on those problems that have seemed impossible to change.

So it is with great honor and humility that I accept the nomination of the Massachusetts Democratic Party for the United States Senate.

I give great thanks, of course, to my family and, especially, my husband Tom, for their incredible love, and support, and understanding, not only in this campaign, but throughout my public career.

I am honored and humbled to have the opportunity to follow Senator Ted Kennedy, he who did "Dream the Impossible Dream."

You know, the first phone call I received after I won the Democratic Primary for Middlesex District Attorney was from Ted Kennedy.

The first phone call I received this morning after I voted was Vicki Kennedy to wish me well with her trademark grace and warmth.

To Vicki and the Kennedy family, I and every Democrat in Massachusetts are thinking of you tonight and how you helped changed the face of politics and government in Massachusetts, and in the entire country.

You showed us possibilities -- and then realities -- that we never thought we could achieve!

And let's honor our beloved Senator Ted Kennedy tonight -- not in a moment of silence, but as I've heard and seen around the state these past few months - with a huge round of applause that Ted is appreciating and that fills this room!

I also want to thank each of my fellow candidates -- Congressman Michael Capuano, Steve Pagliuca and Alan Khazei -- for running an energetic and positive campaign.

I've spoken to each one of them to thank them for their unique and significant contributions to this race, and for helping to shape important issues for the new Junior Senator from Massachusetts.

Alan has brought great depth of knowledge, and a community-based approach;

Steve brought economic experience and good ideas about how to get ourselves out of this economic mess;

and Mike brought his terrific career as a public servant and a passion for fighting for the people who need it most.

Each has offered me his support.

I look forward to working with all of them not just towards victory on January 19th -- but after that to working together to show this Commonwealth that the solutions we seek are possible!

I've had a little experience, and a bit of practice, with tackling tough problems and making results quite possible here.

As Middlesex District Attorney and as your Attorney General, I have had the privilege of working for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as the people of Massachusetts in cases large and small.

I took on Wall Street and the big banks for their role in this economic mess.

I took on drug companies and health insurers, rooting out fraud and abuse that drove up costs for our seniors and families.

I stood up to utility companies to keep energy costs low, and fought global warming by challenging the Bush administration.

I worked to protect our kids and keep our seniors safe from scams and abuse; and

I protected and defended our civil rights.

I entered this race because I believe that Massachusetts needs a Senator who will:

* Work with YOU to restore a healthy economy by bringing opportunities and jobs back to Massachusetts.
* Work with YOU to reform our complicated and expensive health care system by passing REAL health care reform.
* Work with YOU to protect our environment and reduce energy costs for all Americans.
* Work with YOU to make our communities and our nation safer; and
* Work with YOU to protect and defend our civil rights by fighting discrimination and inequalities.

All of these are quite simply, possible!!

And in the coming weeks, we will energetically engage those who say they are not.

Now more than ever, we need strong, effective leadership in Washington.

Because it's about our shared vision of the American Dream and reclaiming that vision for all of us. For so many folks I met along the way in my time in public service, and on this campaign, and those of you I have yet to meet.

I am ready to go to Washington to fight for solutions to the challenges that face our Commonwealth and our nation -- and to get real results -- good jobs, quality healthcare, and excellent education.

Especially in these last few weeks of a very intense campaign-

* As I visited North Adams, where I grew up, and where Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys fought the British, and
* As I visited Quincy and Braintree, where Abigail Adams tended the farm and said "Remember the Ladies",
* As I visited Jimmy's in Taunton, where the Mayor gave me an early flag, from 1774, with the words: "Liberty and Union."

When I went to Eire Pub last night, a few blocks from where Lucy Stone lived, in my old neighborhood in Dorchester, when I voted this morning, literally, on the route that Paul Revere rode through every Middlesex village and town to warn about British soldiers.

As I thought about how far we have come as a country- to try to give meaning to the phrase that all men are created equal.

And following in the steps of so many men and women who have broken barriers and cracked ceilings as well as those who have worked at the bottom of the ladder, it is my hope that as this is one small step for women, you will help me take the much larger steps we need to take to make those words of the Declaration of Independence truly inclusive.

And I know that with YOUR help and support - we will be successful in moving this Commonwealth and this country into a brighter future.

Thank you and let's get ready for a victory on January 19th!!!

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