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Sessions Supports Additional Troops To Afghanistan


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Congressman Pete Sessions (TX-32) today released the following statement regarding President Obama's decision to send over 30,000 additional troops to Afghanistan :

"After lengthy consideration, President Obama has finally decided on a way forward in Afghanistan . While no doubt wildly unpopular with the left wing of his party, President Obama's decision to send additional troops acknowledges both the reality of terrorist encroachment in Afghanistan and the irresponsibility of liberal cut-and-run agendas.

"I support President Obama's decision to send additional troops, but I am very concerned that the moderate resources and short-sighted exit strategy will undercut our troops' ability to succeed in the end. America cannot achieve a decisive, lasting victory in Afghanistan utilizing political posturing or half-hearted resolve. Neither should Congressional Democrats use their new-found concern for the deficit to levy a war surtax on struggling families in a sickening attempt to balance their reckless spending on the backs of soldiers fighting for our freedoms.

"The terrorists have demonstrated their resolve, and they are testing us on ours. They have not forgotten 9/11, and neither must we. Our nation has a solemn responsibility to defeat al-Qaeda and break the cycle of violence and terrorism in Afghanistan . The question is whether we will meet the challenge of our time. I stand ready to provide our troops with every resource they need to succeed, and I call upon all Members of Congress and all Americans to support additional troops in Afghanistan and to unite behind a commitment to victory for the sake of freedom and security now and in the future."

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