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Public Statements

Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CARTER. Mr. Speaker, a constituent statement to Congress by Judy Brady of Texas District 31 on health care reform. I received this, and I wanted to read it to the rest of the Congress:

You tell us that the government needs to control health care because the government can administer programs more cheaply and fairly than the private system. Of course, recent studies show that nearly 10 percent of all Medicare payments are fraudulent. Why should we believe that government can do a better job with the entire Nation's health care system than it already does with Medicare?

We ask you to leave health care in the hands of doctors and patients and that you help drive down the costs of insurance so that more of us can be covered. Give us nationwide competition between private insurers, allow us tax deductions for insurance we purchase, and promote tort reform. Don't force us into a government system that will cost us more and cover us less.

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