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Wider War Not A Path To Peace And Security

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Wider War Not A Path To Peace And Security

Mr. DOGGETT. Madam Speaker, I agree with so much of what President Obama said last night, but not so much what he would do. The path to peace and security will not be found through a wider war. Troop escalation by 40 percent, then de-escalation, all within 18 months, is totally unrealistic. We have been fighting in Afghanistan on the installment plan: a few more troops, a few more months, and many more billions. 2011 will not mark the end of this war. It will just mark the beginning of the next installment in what is a deteriorating 8-year war whose elusive end is always just over the horizon.

The better exit strategy is to have fewer troops. With some allies already preparing to depart as we expand, most of the blood spilt will remain American. We should honor the sacrifice of those courageously serving by putting fewer of them in harm's way. It shouldn't take 100,000 Americans to defeat 100 al Qaeda. All this effort props up a corrupt Karzai government that just stole over a million votes. Afghanistan can consume as many lives and as many dollars as we're willing to expend there, and leave our families no safer.

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