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Afghanistan Plan

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. OLSON. Mr. Speaker, I commend the President for finally making the right decision to send additional combat troops to Afghanistan. However, I have deep concerns with the President's insistence on a hard July 2011 deadline for withdrawal.

The President seeks to send our troops into battle while at the same time notifying our enemies of when they will be coming home. And to confuse matters more, the President also spoke of making decisions based on conditions on the ground.

So which is it, a withdrawal on a date certain, or based on the conditions on the ground?

The President offers many what-ifs but very few answers. Our Nation's troops have fought admirably in dangerous conditions to turn the tide against those who attacked our Nation on September 11. The President cannot have it both ways, and I urge him to focus this new strategy on victory and not withdrawal.

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