Bono Mack Denounces EPA Announcement To Regulate Greenhouse Gases


By:  Mary Bono Mack
Date: Dec. 7, 2009
Location: Washington, D.C.

Bono Mack Denounces EPA Announcement To Regulate Greenhouse Gases

Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack (CA-45), Member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, issued the following statement after the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that six greenhouse gases (GHGs) threaten public health and the environment, which paves the way for the Administration to implement unilateral regulations on various sectors of our economy:

"Today's announcement by the EPA represents the worst path to a clean energy economy, one toward more bureaucratic solutions to our Nation's challenges. Pressing this effort shortly before the Copenhagen summit ignores the state of our economy and the detrimental effects of a government Agency acting alone in regulating our lives.

"I also have concerns that this announcement, coming shortly after controversial emails on climate change, leaves questions that still need to be answered.

"The EPA's decision, coupled with reckless spending and the email scandal, raises serious questions about where we are heading. The Senate has an opportunity to right this debate and improve this flawed approach, as Americans deserve - and demand - better."

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