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Crenshaw Encouraged By President's Approach On Afghanistan; Concerned With Date Certain Withdrawal Date

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Ander Crenshaw today( 12/2) expressed encouragement at the President's approach to Afghanistan, saying it appears he is listening to the experts on the ground in determining the resources needed to secure this war-torn portion of the globe.

"The President is standing by our troops with his call for additional boots on the ground. I find that encouraging, but I am concerned about the establishment of a date certain for withdrawing forces from the region," said Crenshaw, who traveled to Afghanistan in 2007 on an official Congressional tour of the region. "No American soldier should remain in battle a day longer than is absolutely necessary, but we cannot abandon the mission to push back the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Securing this region is the objective and additional American and NATO Allied troops are what's needed so that our servicemen and women can return home."

"General Stanley McChrystal and top military commanders are our eyes and ears," said Crenshaw. "What they see and what they hear much be central in determining how best to fight the enemy on the ground. Decisions must be firmly based on what they see and hear, not on artificial timelines. If we're going to fight a war, we must be one hundred percent committed. We must fight to win, knowing that it's going to take time and resources."

"Moreover, a "war tax' is not the answer to paying for increased troops overseas and is a move I oppose," Crenshaw continued. "A reprioritization of spending is the appropriate response to providing essential resources for our national defense."

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