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Statement By Senator John McCain On The First Republican Amendment To The Health Care Bill


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) today made the following statement regarding the first Republican amendment to the health care bill:

"Today I introduced my amendment to address the Democrat's drastic and dramatic cuts to the Medicare program under their so-called ‘health care reform' legislation," said Senator John McCain. "My amendment would send this legislation back to the Finance Committee with instructions to report the bill to the Senate without these irresponsible cuts. Slashing Medicare by nearly $500 billion, one-half a trillion dollars, to create a new federal health care entitlement is not health care reform," McCain continued. "These reductions include $120 billion to the Medicare Advantage program, $150 billion to providers including hospitals, hospice, and nursing homes, and $23 billion in unspecified decreases to be determined by an ‘Independent Medicare Advisory board.' Simply put, these Medicare cuts will impacts senior's access to quality care. This is a price that American's should not be asked to pay."

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