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"Stimulating Government"

Location: Unknown

House Chamber Remarks, Washington D.C. M. Speaker: The unfolding scandal of phony or inflated job claims from the so-called stimulus bill should shock the conscience of the nation and permanently stain the reputation of the 111th Congress and this president.

But it gets even worse if we take them at their word.

As of this morning, the administration claims that in my 4th Congressional District of California, the brain trust at the Treasury Department has spent $182 million to save or create all of 168 jobs. That's $1.1 million per job!

They claim to have saved or created 110,000 jobs in California. 75,000 of those jobs occur in a single zip code, 95814.

What is 95814? That's the zip code that encompasses the state capitol and the state bureaucracies. Stimulating the economy? All we're doing is stimulating government at the expense of the economy.

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