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DeMint: Democrats Refuse to Listen to Americans, Vote for $2.5 Trillion Government Takeover of Health Care


Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina), chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, made the following statement after 60 Democrat senators voted in favor of advancing the Reid-Obama health care takeover bill:

"Some senators may have made a career-ending decision tonight. If this bill ultimately passes, voters will hold them responsible. Americans will not soon forget who voted to sell out our freedom in order to give Washington more control over our lives. The Reid-Obama health care takeover is an irredeemable disaster that cannot be fixed with a few amendments, because it is rotten to its core. Every senator that voted 'yes' tonight voted to support a bill that will raise insurance premiums, raise taxes, fund abortions, explode our debt, kill jobs, cut Medicare benefits and lead to government-rationed care.

"Our health care system needs reform, but we need to fix what's broken not end what's working. This bill isn't reform; it's a Trojan Horse for Democrats to enact their decades-long dream of a single-payer system that allows Washington to control every aspect of health care.

"Democrats who claim this debate is just about helping the uninsured are lying because this bill will adversely affect every single health care plan, every patient, every doctor, and every hospital in America. This bill contains a government-forced insurance scheme that, besides being unconstitutional, will require every American to have a Washington-approved health care plan or face steep penalties. Americans don't want career politicians controlling their lives from a distant capitol.

"Americans have completely lost trust in Washington politicians who have rammed through reckless bailouts, a failed stimulus, and a Cash for Clunkers program that went broke in days. They don't believe the rosy economic forecasts of this bill after they were promised the same with Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security, which are all bankrupt. Americans know they will be forced to pay for this $2.5 trillion government takeover, and they know it will leave their children and grandchildren with crippling debt.

"I will continue to fight for real health care reform that allows Americans to choose from hundreds of health plans that they can afford, own, and keep. Americans should be able to access policies from any state, free of frivolous lawsuits, and with the same tax treatment of those who get their insurance from their employer. I hope Senators will finally listen to the American people and stop this rampage to take over health care so we can enact commonsense solutions that allow Americans to control their own health care decisions."

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