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Vitter Issues Statement on Senate Saturday Health Care Vote


Location: Washington, DC

U.S. Sen. David Vitter today issued the following statement regarding the first vote to proceed to the massive 2000 plus page Senate health care bill written by Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid.

"As I traveled every corner of Louisiana during the August recess meeting with Louisianians in over 21 health care town hall meetings, I learned a great deal. I learned that Louisianians are starting to connect the dots as to what's going on up here in Washington as we've moved closer to nationalizing our banks, insurance companies and the automobile industry. Now, they are watching their government continue to expand its size and grow its power as we move very close to allowing for a government takeover of our health care system -- an industry that makes up one-sixth of the American economy.

"This bill is designed to push those with private insurance onto the government plan by making it costly and uncomfortable for both the small businesses and their employees to continue to keep private insurance. The result is going to lead to an explosion in debt and spending that will undoubtedly fall on our children and grandchildren. One of the ways in which the administration intends to pay for this massive government program is to cut Medicare by half a trillion dollars even as they increase new taxes and fees by that same amount.

"I've always said that 2,000 plus paged bills passed in a blur are often riddled with mischief and consequences that don't come to light until well after the bill is signed into law, and this bill is a prime example of that.

"We all want to see real, concrete health care reform enacted, but rushing through passage of a 2,000-plus paged bill that will add trillions of dollars to our already ballooning debt is absolutely not the direction we should be heading.

"What I've learned from my town hall meetings across Louisiana is that several modest-sized bills targeted toward specific reforms like tort reform, purchasing insurance across state lines, addressing preexisting conditions and lowering the cost of prescription drugs through reimportation would make for a more acceptable approach," said Vitter.

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