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Fraudulent Stimulus Jobs Claims By White House


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Steve Scalise today made the following statement about the fraudulent stimulus jobs claims by the White House. An ABC News exclusive report showed that the White House's website was reporting jobs created and stimulus money spent in Congressional districts that don't exist.

"The White House's own web site proves what we said from the beginning that the President's "stimulus" bill was more about growing the size of government than creating jobs. It's only fitting that the White House would claim to create jobs in districts that don't exist, since they funded the "stimulus" bill with money that doesn't exist.
The White House owes an explanation to the American people, as well as a full accounting of where this taxpayer money is really being spent.

"The same White House that is claiming to create jobs that don't exist in district that don't exist now wants us to trust their claims about a government takeover of health care. The American people deserve an honest accounting of stimulus spending along with a full explanation from the White House about these fraudulent stimulus claims. Transparency is more than a campaign slogan, it's a responsibility that our government owes the taxpayers whose trust has been violated." shows that stimulus money was spent in 15 Congressional Districts in Louisiana and that jobs were created in 11 different districts.

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