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Growing The Government

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCALISE. I thank the gentleman from Missouri.

You're talking about these tricks, and, of course, the American people are saying Halloween's over, we're tired of all these tricks. In fact, for most American people right now, the only treat they get is when Congress adjourns and during those times when Congress isn't trying to pass all of these policies that literally are adding millions and billions of new taxes on the backs of American families, adding billions of debt onto the backs of our children and grandchildren, and running millions of jobs out of our country. All of this happening under Speaker Pelosi's leadership. The public's had enough of the tricks, and like I said, that's the only treat they want.

But one trick that they just found out about the other day, this goes back to the stimulus bill, something that we talked about a long time ago. We opposed that pork-laden bill, that bill that massively grows the size of government, over $787 billion of money we don't have. But the White House promised the American people there would be a full accounting of the money. And now we find out, in fact, that people just in the last few days went to the White House's own Web site that was set up to track the spending in the supposed job creation, which they initially said it was going to create all these jobs and then they changed the wording and said there will be jobs created or saved, and there's no definition of a job saved. I guess every job that's out there they can try to claim they've saved. But then what we've seen is we've only had millions more jobs lost since that massive spending bill that grew the size of government.

But now talk about another trick on the American people, just Monday night when they would go to the Web site that the White House had set up, and maybe this was good news for States like yours, mine. In Louisiana, we found out, according to the White House's Web site, we had 15 congressional districts.

Mr. AKIN. How many was that, gentleman?

Mr. SCALISE. Fifteen, according to the White House. In fact, Louisiana's Eighth Congressional District, according to the White House's own Web site, created more jobs than the First Congressional District that I represent. That all sounds really good until you realize Louisiana doesn't have 15 congressional districts. Louisiana only has seven congressional districts.

So we did a little bit of research, and some people did some calling around on their own and they actually called the White House. And they said, Can you explain to us, you said there would be all this transparency. You said there would be accountability. How is it, how is it that somebody can go to the White House Web site and pull up in Louisiana Congressional District 26 or Congressional District 45? And the response from the White House was, ``Who knows, man, who really knows.''

That was Ed Pound, who is the spokesperson for the White House's Web site. The best he could come up with was ``who knows.'' And then he further went on to say, ``We're not certifying the accuracy of the information.'' That's the White House's spokesperson on the stimulus bill actually saying that they're not going to certify the information after they said they would be so transparent.

So when the American people say what happened to $787 billion of money that was borrowed from our children and grandchildren, money we don't have, money that surely hasn't done anything to create jobs because it was going to cap unemployment at 8 percent and now we've got unemployment at 10.2 percent, and then you go to the White House, what about that accounting that the American people deserve to know where their money is being spent, and the best the White House can say is, ``Who knows, man, who really knows,'' well, the American people have had enough.
Mr. AKIN. Reclaiming my time, I would like to take a look at your chart here. You were boggling on my poor brain here. You're the Congressman from District One, and they're saying there are 40 some congressional districts in Louisiana, which is real news to me. I suppose that was news to you, too. And you finally get ahold of the White House, and they spent millions of dollars to create this Web site to track down where we spent the $787 billion, which was guaranteed or supposed to keep us under 8 percent unemployment, and we get some guy that says, ``Who knows, man, who really knows.'' It's like Woodstock lives on. And we've spent billions of dollars to get that kind of answer?

Mr. SCALISE. Right.

And what the American people are really asking is, where are the jobs and where is the accountability? And when the White House actually goes out and made these statements back months ago and they told the American people that that stimulus bill needed to be passed, we said back then it was a mistake, we shouldn't do it because it wouldn't create jobs. We proposed alternatives.

Mr. AKIN. Gentleman, you were here on the floor when we talked about this. We said, Look, all of the mathematics, all the common sense says this is wasting a lot of money that we don't have. We said, It's not going to create jobs. It didn't for Henry Morgenthau when he turned the recession into the Great Depression. We said, The reason it's not is because jobs come from businesses, particularly small businesses. You're hammering the small businesses. At least learn from the Democrats, learn from FDR, learn from Henry Morgenthau.

Instead, we've got this half-baked Web site telling us that there's 40 some congressional districts. I mean, you'd think they would at least check how many congressional districts there are in a State.

Mr. SCALISE. If this was just a mistake limited to Louisiana, maybe you could understand their excuses. But, of course, this was all across the country. I talked to a colleague of mine from Arizona where they claim there was a 99th District from Arizona.

But one final word on that. President Obama himself just yesterday said, and I'll quote another quote from the President: ``If we keep on adding to the debt, people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double dip recession.''

Now, of course, those words ring true to us. They would really ring true to the American people if it weren't for the fact that this is the same President that passed a budget just a few months ago out of Congress that doubles the national debt in the next 5 years. And yet here he is quoted just yesterday saying, If we keep on adding to the debt, people could lose confidence in the U.S. economy in a way that could actually lead to a double dip recession.

Now, I would agree with that. The only problem is, the President needs to start living up to the comments that he's actually making and pull back his bill that doubles the national debt and actually work with us to balance the budget, which is what we've said from the beginning needs to happen, not only to create stability in our economy, but actually to go out and start creating jobs as opposed to his policies that are running millions of jobs out of our country.


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