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Medicare Physician Payment Reform Act Of 2009

Floor Speech

Location: Washington D.C.


Mr. Speaker, I would remind my colleagues here in the House that we know something is wrong with the piece of legislation when you have major media outlets talking about how off-track this is, and you also know something's wrong with it when you have our colleagues in the Senate who take up a bill, this bill, and they can't get to 50 votes in the Senate for the companion legislation. So it is with a real sense of regret that I think many of us look at this.

Does the standard growth rate, SGR, need to be fixed? Absolutely. And there is agreement on that. It is an issue out of fairness to our Nation's physicians, the providers of health care. It is an issue of fairness to our Nation's seniors.

Mr. Speaker, I think it has been really something that has been of concern to us as we have watched some of our colleagues in this House treat Medicare as a slush fund rather than recognizing that it is a trust fund and it's there for those seniors. We can do better. Our seniors and our physicians deserve better.

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