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Public Statements - Coakley Outlines National Security Plan

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The Democratic candidates in the race for the U.S. Senate have been staking out their positions on various issues this week, including homeland security, education and the economy.

Attorney General Martha Coakley on Wednesday outlined her plan to strengthen national security, which includes creating an office of cyber security and increasing screening at airports and ports.

"In the Senate I will promote a national security strategy that's based upon providing for the local resources that we need in every city and town in Massachusetts," Coakley said, "so that the commonwealth and our law enforcement have what they need to keep our community safe."

On Thursday, Alan Khazei releases his platform on creating jobs that will call for a second stimulus package and more green jobs. Congressman Mike Capuano and Stephen Pagliuca have staked out positions on education, health care and the economy on their websites.

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