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Congressman Flake Urges Democrats Not To Use Stimulus As Model For Jobs Bill


Location: Washington, DC

Republican Congressman Jeff Flake, who represents Arizona's Sixth District, today urged House Democrats not to use the so-called stimulus bill as a model for the jobs bill they are reportedly crafting.

"Moving a jobs bill next month is a concession that the stimulus bill has failed to create jobs," said Flake. "Let's not add injury to insult by using the stimulus as a model when crafting a jobs bill."

"As the stimulus has proven, increasing federal spending will not create jobs. We ought to cut corporate tax rates and let a growing economy create jobs."

"At the very least, the unemployment rate should give Democrats pause as they move ahead with their healthcare bill. The prospect of that bill becoming law is creating enough uncertainty among businesses, particularly small businesses, that job creation will be a very difficult task."

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