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Issue Position: Keeping America Safe

Issue Position

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Throughout her twenty plus years of public service, Martha has worked to keep Massachusetts safe. In the Senate, she will promote the recommendations of the 9-11 Commission and a national security strategy based on cooperation, information sharing, and an understanding of both our vulnerabilities and our strengths.

Responding to Emergencies

Martha understands how important effective emergency management is to our safety and security. Immediately after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, Martha met with law enforcement officials and federal agents to discuss the emergency measures that needed to be put into place to keep Massachusetts safe.

In Washington, Martha will champion initiatives that help to prevent, prepare for, and effectively manage large-scale disasters; foster inter-departmental information sharing and cooperation; and provide law enforcement with necessary resources.

Utilizing Technology to Fight Terrorism

Martha understands that in order to keep America safe against terrorism, we need to have the latest technology. As Attorney General, Martha championed a Cyber Crime Initiative to train law enforcement officers and investigators, and she developed a state of the art cyber forensics lab with the latest technologies to fight crimes, such as human trafficking, money laundering and identity theft. This cyber crime forensics lab has been recognized as one of the premier labs in the country.

The 9-11 Commission and the Department of Homeland Security have stressed the need for the newest and best technology to fight terrorist enterprises. In Washington, Martha will champion technological initiatives to ensure that law enforcement has the most up-to-date resources to combat threats from terrorist organizations that are increasingly technologically advanced.

Ensuring the Security of Nuclear Material

One of the greatest threats to our national security is the potential for terrorists to manipulate our nuclear resources. As the 9-11 Commission Report made clear, there are some salient steps we can take to help ensure safety and security.

Martha understands that we must address the threats posed by nuclear plants and nuclear waste within our borders. As Attorney General, Martha sought greater oversight and regulation of the spent fuel pools at the Pilgrim and Vermont Yankee nuclear power plants.

In Washington, Martha will continue to champion efforts to secure nuclear waste and nuclear power facilities so they are not vulnerable to attack or manipulation.

Securing Ports and Borders

In this global economy, there are far too many opportunities for terrorists to manipulate the bustling activity of our airports, seaports, and areas along our borders.

As Senator, Martha will work to implement the recommendations of the 9-11 Commission to develop cost effective strategies for better understanding and controlling the risks posed by our ports and borders. This includes providing additional resources to the Transportation Security Administration so it can focus on more sophisticated and effective methods of security screening, including multiple-layered screening measures, better screening of employees, and a targeted devotion of resources to mitigate the threat posed by unmanned cargo holds.

Supporting Our Troops at Home and Abroad

Our National Guard is being used for combat missions for which it was not designed, leaving our nation more vulnerable to the kinds of disasters, like Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, that the National Guard is meant to handle. In addition, our armed forces are returning to Iraq and Afghanistan - some for multiple tours.

In Washington, Martha will work to ensure that our service members and their families are well cared for both during combat and after they return home. Martha commends Congresswoman Niki Tsongas who led efforts for improved research, development, and procurement of lighter weight body armor as part of the FY2010 Defense Authorization Bill.

In the Senate, Martha will carry on Senator Kennedy's fight for body armor, armored Humvees and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan. Martha will work to ensure that the errors of Vietnam are not repeated, and that no American soldier is sent into battle without a road home.

Protecting Individual Rights

Martha believes that as we address threats to our national security, we must also protect our most treasured ideals of democracy, equality, liberty and due process.

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11th, Martha, as Middlesex District Attorney and President of the Massachusetts District Attorney's Association, worked with law enforcement and community groups across the Commonwealth to ensure that Muslims were not unfairly targeted and subject to violence and retaliation.

In the Senate, Martha will continue to protect individuals and their civil liberties. Martha understands that we must not let the lure of being "tough on terrorism" obscure our most treasured ideals.

Facing 21st Century Challenges

As Massachusetts's chief law enforcement officer, Martha has proven that she has the skills, leadership and judgment necessary to make the tough decisions that are required to keep the people of Massachusetts - and our nation - safe.

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