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Real Health Care Reform

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. ROS-LEHTINEN. Mr. Speaker, we all agree that real health care reform is a necessity, but in the hurry of Congress to pass the $1 trillion Pelosi bill, we are not listening to our mother's often-given advice, look before you leap. In this case, read before you vote.

The Pelosi bill takes the wrong approach in fixing what is broken in our health care system. Increased taxes do not translate into increased coverage. Eliminating seniors' health care choices and cutting their benefits do not translate into eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse. Cost shifting in the health care system does not translate into cost reduction.

Instead, what we need is true health care reform that helps bring down the high cost of care and the high insurance premiums. What we need is health care reform that will allow our families to keep the doctors and the coverage that they want.

Congress needs to end the search for complicated and convoluted ways that hide the actual cost of the Pelosi bill in taxes, mandates, and benefit cuts.

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