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Coble Statement On New Jobless Numbers


Location: Washington, DC

Coble Statement On New Jobless Numbers

Today's new unemployment numbers prove that the federal stimulus program is not working, according to U.S. Rep. Howard Coble (R-NC). Congressman Coble said that Congress should be working on creating new jobs instead of drastic health care reform.

"On the eve of a House vote calling for a $1.3 trillion government takeover of our health care system," Rep. Coble stated, "the new unemployment figure of 10.2% proves that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have the wrong priorities. Some 190,000 more jobs were lost in September and more than 2.8 million jobs since the stimulus package was rammed through Congress by Democratic leaders and signed by President Obama. We were told that unemployment would not rise above 8% and today's depressing figure of 10.2% proves that we have borrowed another trillion dollars on wasteful government spending that has not created or saved any jobs."

Rep. Coble reiterated that he will vote against a massive overhaul of the nation's health care system if and when it is scheduled for a House vote. "I urge our Democratic colleagues," Rep. Coble added, "to bring up legislation that will bring tax relief for working families and small businesses and drastically reduce wasteful government spending. These are the actions that will help put America back to work."

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