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DeMint: Americans Won't Be Fooled by Democrat Shell Game, a Vote to Proceed is a Vote for a Government Takeover of Health Care


Location: Washington, DC

Today, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina), chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, made the following statement:

"Let's be clear: Any senator who votes to proceed to this bill is voting for a government takeover of health care. Senators who hide behind procedure and claim they just want to allow for debate are not being honest, they are trying to deceive their voters while helping to pass this terrible bill that will make health care more expensive.

"Earlier today, Democrat leaders told reporters that the Senate may vote to proceed to a shell bill, not related to health care reform, in an effort to grant the President's wish for a government takeover of our nation's health care by Christmas. These outrageous shell games won't fool Americans. Voters will remember who stands up for their freedom and who stands with the special interests who want to ram through this takeover."

"President Obama and Democrats have now put forward at least four different versions of their government takeover, and Harry Reid has been secretly working behind closed doors on the fifth act of this fiasco. But despite the nuances, every Democrat bill puts Washington in control of health care, slashes Medicare coverage for seniors, raises premiums for families, raises taxes, places bureaucrats between patients and doctors, punishes young adults who choose not to buy coverage, and opens the door to government rationing of care.

"Americans have loudly and repeatedly rejected the President's government takeover of health care. It's time to for the Senate to listen, stop the shell games, and start over with real solutions that will provide every American the opportunity to afford, own and keep a health care plan that best meets their needs."

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