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New Obama Administration Report Confirms Health Care

Press Release

Location: Washington, D.C.

Today, Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-7) responded to a new government report that says the House-passed health reform measure containing $500 billion in cuts to Medicare will "sharply reduce benefits" to seniors. Lance called on the Senate, including New Jersey's Senators Frank Lautenberg and Robert Menendez, to reject the House-passed bill and instead develop a bipartisan health care reform bill that will not punish New Jersey's seniors or bankrupt America with tax increases and spending.

"The fact that an analysis released by a federal agency within the Obama Administration shows the House-passed health care bill contains deep cuts to Medicare should be of concern to every senior citizen in New Jersey," Lance said. "Considering the fact that the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reached many of the same conclusions, it is painfully obvious that Congress needs to start over with a bill that does not reduce Medicare funding."

The Washington Post reported Sunday that the $500 billion in Medicare cuts "contained in the health package approved by the House Nov. 7 are likely to prove so costly to hospitals and nursing homes that they could stop taking Medicare altogether." The Washington Post article can be found here.

The study was conducted by the chief actuary for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), which is the federal agency that administers Medicare in the Obama Administration.

Lance said he hoped Senators Lautenberg and Menendez would flatly reject the House-passed measure that cuts Medicare and devise a health reform bill that reduces costs and increases access without raising taxes or adding to the deficit. Lance supported such a bill in the House, but it was rejected by the Democratic caucus.

"I will continue to advocate for fiscally responsible reforms that protect New Jersey's taxpayers and seniors from an expensive government takeover of a good deal of our health care system," Lance concluded.

To find out more about Congressman Lance's health care reform plan, visit:

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