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Statement On Anti-Choice Stupak Amendment


Location: Washington, DC

"Tonight as we prepare to pass a historic health care bill that provides expanded health care coverage to Americans and is more than sixty years in the making, I am concerned that we must first fight to block a direct assault on a woman's right to choose.

"America's Affordable Health Choices Act is fair and equitable in its approach to abortion and respects the rights of those who want to purchase a plan that provides abortion coverage and those who do not. It guarantees that no public funds are used to pay for abortion services - codifying the long standing Hyde amendment.

"The anti-choice Stupak Amendment seeks to take away a woman's right to pay for her own abortion services, forcing millions of women to retreat to the shadows and an era in which back alley abortions were too often the norm. That is why I will stand up this evening and vote against the Stupak Amendment -- ensuring that every woman in this country has the reproductive freedom that she desires and that her mother and mother's mother fought so hard for."

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