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Health Care For Women In America

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. BACHMANN. I thank the gentlewoman from Tennessee (Mrs. Blackburn). She has done an outstanding job leading this Special Order tonight, and I thank you for what you are doing.

We have so many women in our conference that wanted to be here tonight, and they can't all be here. The women in our conference understand one thing, and it is that women in the United States overwhelmingly make the health care decisions not only for their families, not only for their children, not only for their parents, but quite often women run a lot of the H.R., the human resources offices as well in business after business.

I think one thing that people in business are understanding is they are going to have fewer choices before them rather than more.

What we have seen from the bill that the Speaker of the House released last Thursday, on page 92, I believe, is that by the year 2013, no one will be able to purchase private insurance anymore. That's it. Now let that thought penetrate for a moment, Mr. Speaker.

If we have to be frozen in time and we can purchase no new private insurance after 2013, what will happen? What will happen to our choices? What will happen to the plans that we really have?

Well, it's interesting; a lot of people haven't been waiting around, they've been doing studies. One group called The Levin Group showed that by looking at the health care that we have in front of us, in all likelihood about 114 million Americans will be thrown off the current health insurance plan they have and onto the government system, which means about 114 million Americans won't have the health care that the President said we would all be entitled to keep. And we remember what the President said, he said, If you like your current health care plan, no problem, you can keep it.

The only problem is, that's just not so. If you take 114 million Americans, throw them off the health care they already like, well, then they're stuck being in the government's plan. That means fewer choices. And that means the women of America don't get to make the choices anymore, it's government.

I think the thing that all American women really get out of this is that there is going to be an enormous hassle factor. There is a big hassle cost that's in all of this. That's what we women deal with, we deal with hassles--hassles with our jobs, hassles with the kids, hassles with trying to make the books balance, and now the biggest hassle of all, life and death decisions because if government literally controls the health care decisions from cradle to grave--because it would be every single American--that means the hassle cost goes way up. That's kind of the last thing we women need right now.

Women are tired, we're burdened, we have so many things on our plate. And I think especially women who are senior citizens, because they're watching this debate, and they get that $500 billion is going to be cut out of Medicare. That's what we know--cut out, gone. So what that means is scarcity, and that means less. So we are all going to be paying a lot more, but we are all going to be getting a lot less. The simple fact is we can do so much better.

The Republican women here know that there are many positive solutions that we can do. We can really do a lot better. I will be real brief, and I will end with one positive solution we could take.

I am a former tax lawyer. Rather than government owning your health care and making all the decisions, or rather than your employer making the health care decisions for you, we change the tax code so that you, every American, gets to make your own health care decision. You own it, you make the decision, it's a wonderful thing. So you own it, you make the health care decision, and you get to take your own money, tax free, purchase the health care plan of your choice--you're not limited to what government says you buy, you buy any plan anywhere. Anything that we don't cover out of your own tax-free money you get to fully deduct on your income tax return. Have true lawsuit reform that costs billions of dollars. In fact, that covers 95 percent of Americans. For the 5 percent who truly, through no fault of their own, can't afford health insurance, we can take care of them and we will take care of them, but we won't break the bank to do it.

We have great solutions. Let's try that rather than burdening the American people, and especially women who don't need those burdens. And I yield back to the very kind gentle lady who's doing an outstanding job tonight, Mrs. Blackburn of Tennessee.

Mrs. BLACKBURN. I thank the gentle lady from Minnesota for her good work on this issue and for being here with us tonight as we have brought forward the alternatives that are there, the good, solid, positive, free-market-oriented alternatives that are there from our conference and from the women in our conference. I thank everyone for joining us, and I yield back the balance of my time.


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