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Kingston: It's Time For Change We Can Believe In

Press Release

Location: Washington, D.C.

In response to new unemployment figures showing that more than one in ten Americans are out of work, Congressman Jack Kingston (R-GA) called on the Administration to change economic course and abandon it's failed stimulus program.

"If government spending were the answer, we'd be doing great by now," Congressman Kingston said. "It's not, though, and it's time to admit that fact. It's time for change we believe in. If we want to truly jumpstart the economy, we've got to restore confidence and empower the real economic engine of America -- small business and entrepreneurs -- with the tools they need."

Congressman Kingston opposed the $1 trillion spending scheme when Speaker Pelosi rushed it through the House in February. At the time he cosponsored a bill that would create twice the jobs at half the price when using the same math as President Obama's economic advisors. That bill was centered on targeted tax cuts for small businesses and working families as well as economic assistance for the hardest hit areas.

Congressman Kingston also used the numbers to highlight his opposition to Speaker Pelsoi's planned takeover of health care. Citing the failed stimulus, he expressed little faith the government would effectively manage the nation's health care.

"Time and again we've seen the government fail when it tries to insert itself in the private sector," said Congressman Kingston. "But this time we're supposed to believe them that it will all be alright? I don't buy it and neither do the American people. We can't afford the Pelosi Plan -- its bad medicine for an already hurting economy."

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