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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Speaker, the reviews are starting to come in on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's health care reform proposal, and those reviews are pretty serious.

In my home State, the Richmond Times Dispatch calls the bill grotesque; but perhaps the best description that I have seen, the most accurate description I have seen, is in The Wall Street Journal, that wrote an editorial on Sunday calling this legislation the worst bill ever.

How could anyone conclude otherwise? This 1,990-page runaway train of more than 400,000 words, creating more than 53 new government agencies and programs, is not the change that the American people asked for. This bill is going to raise the cost of health care to the overwhelming majority of Americans. It's going to make our health care system more complicated than it already is, more costly than it already is.

There are simple reforms that we could adopt if we would pay attention to what the American people want.

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