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Pelosi's Halloween Healthcare Horrors

Press Release

Location: Unknown

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday unveiled the long-awaited healthcare "reform" bill in the House of Representatives. It is a horrific assault on the health, economy, and freedoms of this country, especially our senior citizens who rely on Medicare.

It was created behind closed doors, with Republicans, who represent nearly half the country, literally locked out of the room by Democrats. Democrat staffers had the locks on the committee room doors changed to keep out Republicans. Republicans were even barred from attending the press conference unveiling Pelosi's Halloween Horror on the Capitol Steps Thursday -- on public property.

The bill doesn't reform healthcare. It redistributes the nation's wealth and expands government control over working Americans.

It takes away from Medicare beneficiaries who paid into the system for decades and gives it to illegal aliens and an expanded Medicaid. It takes away from working Americans who earn their healthcare benefits through their employment, and gives it to a government-run healthcare system, under the Orwellian misnomer of a "public health option."

This plan will:

- Cut $500 billion from Medicare
- Kill the Medicare Advantage choice for seniors
- Ration care to the elderly, and even tax wheelchairs and other medical devices
- Tax health insurance benefits deemed too good by government bureaucrats
- Raise income tax rates
- Cut physician and hospital payments in rural areas by moving more patients under Medicaid with the lowest pay schedule in America
- Create a government-run healthcare plan that will drive private insurance out of business over the next decade
- Provide free healthcare to illegal aliens
- Provide federal funds to pay for abortions
- Mandate the purchase of health insurance, with tax fines for failure to buy, and up to a year in jail for those who can't pay the fines, which directly targets middle-income Americans.

There is no substantial difference between this bill and H.R. 3200 as introduced by Speaker Pelosi in July; The same bill that the American public in overwhelming numbers loudly rejected in town hall meetings across the country during August.

That explains why House Democrats have met behind closed doors, beyond the sunshine of media or Republican opposition, to attempt to roll out this monstrosity of a bill that they know is opposed by the public, and hope the public doesn't recognize the fact that House Democrats are essentially telling the American public to take a hike.

The same public that Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, called "unpatriotic" for opposing her plan to control our healthcare from Washington and socialize 18 percent of our economy.

They will now attempt to pass this within a week, before opposition can organize. Conservatives in Congress cannot allow that to happen, and truly patriotic Americans who turned out en masse in August to defend their freedoms need to turn out again -- right now.

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