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Cantor Statement Commemorating Veterans Day


Location: Washington, DC

House Republican Whip Eric Cantor (R-VA) today issued the following statement commemorating Veterans Day.

"All Americans and residents of the Commonwealth take today to reflect, salute, and remember the men and women who sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for our great nation.

"We salute the courage, resolve, and love of country exemplified by those who wore our nation's uniform - those whom returned to their families, and those who did not. We celebrate and embrace them all, from those of the greatest generation who served in World War II, to those who defend our freedom in Iraq and Afghanistan today, to those we've only read about in the pages of our nation's rise.

"We remember those who were called upon by country to give all that a person can give, and their families who shared in that sacrifice. We know that what they gave to us is impossible to repay and are forever grateful.

"Through the resolve and gallantry of our nation's veterans, our great country carries on the noble cause for which they championed - liberty. And may we do everything in our power to make every day a day for veterans."

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