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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Speaker, I rise to speak about the majority's move to overhaul our health care system this week.

From what I can see, Mr. Speaker, the version of health care reform that this majority is bringing forward is a horrible, horrible step. The bill is something unseen before; it's a trillion-dollar attempt to overhaul the system we know with one that we don't.

Mr. Speaker, the Republicans will stand united against this bill. Mr. Speaker, we will do so because, one, the American people have spoken out, and they see that this is an extreme attempt to try to address what's really wrong with our system, and it doesn't match what the mainstream commonsense American wants.

Number two, Mr. Speaker, contrary to the suggestions on the other side, we do have a better way. We will be offering our Republican plan. That plan will reduce health care costs. It is well documented. The majority is unconcerned about reducing costs for the people who have insurance in this country.

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