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Rogers: With U.S. Unemployment At Record Level, Why Would The House Adopt Job-Killer Health Bill?


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"Nationally unemployment has now passed 10 percent and in Michigan we are keenly aware that the unemployment rate tops 15 percent," Rogers pointed out. "Huge tax increases on small businesses, which provide the greatest majority of jobs, will cut back, not increase, job creation. "Job killers in the Democrat health bill include: $154 billion surtax on the income of small businesses, a payroll tax penalty that will hit mostly small businesses and their employees, and major penalties for unintentional mistakes or failures to meet government bureaucrats' health care demands. "President Obama's own top economic advisor Christina Romer has developed a model for tracking the impact of government policy on jobs, and by her methodology, America would lose more than 5 million jobs under the Democrat health care plan. "Why would we do that? And why, with the dismal record of the stimulus bill Democrats passed last February, would we want to kill any more jobs? "A government-run health care system in which bureaucrats come between patients and their doctors is not the answer for America's health care needs. No one knows that better than Michigan's workers who are either unemployed or worried about whether they'll keep the job they have." Rogers has introduced The American Health Care Solutions Act, H.R. 3713, based on bipartisan ideas and reforms that lower health costs and provide coverage for uninsured Americans without putting the government in charge.

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