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Smith Votes Against Government Takeover Of Health Care

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Citing Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates of $750 billion in new taxes, $500 billion in cuts to Medicare, and a cost of $1.3 trillion, Congressman Lamar Smith voted against H.R. 3962 -- the Democrats' health care bill.

"This is audaciously bad legislation," said Smith referring to the 2,000 page bill. "It increases premiums, increases taxes, cuts benefits and leads to health care rationing. The government rather than patients and doctors will make many health care decisions."

Smith supports health care reform to help the long-term, low-income uninsured, but believes that can be accomplished without a government takeover of health care.

"This bill represents an unprecedented loss of freedom and more government control for the American people," said Smith.

Instead, House Republicans introduced a health care bill that according to the CBO will lower premiums for families and small business owners, cut the deficit by $68 billion, enact tort reform, and prevent illegal immigrants from receiving taxpayer subsidies.

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