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Media Slight Conservative Protests

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Madam Speaker, the national media give Americans a tale of two protests.

On the one hand, you have liberal protests, to which the media give extensive and positive coverage. On the other hand, you have conservative protests. The media downplay these demonstrations and demonize the protestors.

On Thursday, thousands of people from around the country gathered in front of the Capitol to voice their opposition to a Government takeover of health care. The New York Times buried its coverage of the protest on page A15.

A couple of months ago, the Times buried its coverage of the conservative September 12 protests on page A37.

In contrast, the Times has given much better coverage to protests regarding amnesty, gay rights, and other liberal causes.

The New York Times and the national media should give fair coverage to protests on both sides, not just the ones they agree with.

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