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Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act Of 2009

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCALISE. I want to thank the gentleman for yielding.

I rise in opposition to this bill because it has nothing to do with security of our chemical facilities. The chemicals facilities spend millions and millions of dollars to secure their facilities, and I would suggest that those facilities are more secure than most Federal buildings because there is so much at stake, and nobody has challenged or suggested anything other than that they do protect their facilities.

What this is about is radical environmentalists coming in and trying to impose new policies. They call it ``inherently safer technologies.'' And what is that? Well, clearly it is not anything that is going to make the plant more efficient because those companies spend millions of dollars continuing to upgrade and make the most modern facilities that they have so they can continue manufacturing in this country. What it means is there is some people in the Federal Government who want to go in and tell manufacturing companies which products to use in their manufacturing facilities.

Now, one of the problems we have got right now in our economy is that the government is trying to run every business that there is out there. The government is trying to run car companies, and look at how well that has turned out. The government is running banks, and look at how well that has turned out. The government has czars trying to run all of these different aspects of our economy, and it is not working.

In fact, unemployment is now at 9.8 percent, approaching 10 percent, when they said their stimulus bill would cap unemployment at 8 percent. So clearly their approach to fixing this economy is not working and it has led to more job losses.

In fact, if you look at the results of the elections on Tuesday night in Virginia and New Jersey, people turned out in droves and said it is jobs. It is the economy. We want government to stop running jobs out of this country.

So what do they do? They bring us another bill today that runs more jobs out of this country. Because if you look at what is going to happen to these facilities, petrochemical facilities that refine oil, there is talk about, oh, we want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Sure we want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. You don't do it by running every refinery out of this country to China or India or the Middle East. That is what this bill will do. It will increase our dependence on foreign oil and on companies in the Middle East that refine oil.

It will run millions of jobs out of this country, and these are high-paying jobs. The average cost at some of these chemical facilities is over $70,000 per year per employee. And their bill that they are bringing forward will run thousands, in south Louisiana thousands, of those jobs out of this country.

You wonder why businesses are running around right now feeling like they have a bull's eye on their back by the Federal Government. It is because of policies just like this. Cap-and-trade is still out there. You have the card check bill that has businesses scared to death to hire anybody in America because of what Congress is going to do to them.

That is not the role of government. That is not the role of Congress. We should be trying to spend time here helping create jobs. Instead, we have got a bill on the floor, yet another of a long laundry list of legislation, that will run more jobs out of the economy, out of this country.

Nobody has disputed that. All of the business groups that have looked at this have said this will run jobs out of this country, and it won't do anything to increase security at our facilities, because they are already doing the things they need to do to keep us safe, and nobody has suggested otherwise. We need to defeat this legislation.


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