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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. Speaker, Speaker Pelosi's latest attempt at a government takeover of health care adds an extra $730 billion in new taxes onto the backs of American small businesses and families. It cuts $500 billion out of Medicare, which our seniors know is only going to lead to rationed care for them, and it will take away another 5.5 million jobs out of our economy.

You wonder, today, on the day that we broke the 10 percent mark that President Obama set right here when the stimulus bill was passed, the bill that he said would stop unemployment from exceeding 8 percent, unemployment went to 10.2 percent. Now that we're over 10 percent, when are the liberals running Congress going to realize that it's their policies, it's their taxing, it's their spending, cap-and-trade, card check. It's policy after policy that puts a target on the backs of business, and it is running millions of jobs out of this economy. When will it stop and they actually go and work with us Republicans who want to put commonsense reforms in place to lower the cost of health care and avoid preexisting conditions?

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