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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. SCALISE. I want to thank my friend from Missouri for your leadership on this issue. This is an important issue.

As we are discussing health care, I think what is frustrating so many American people is that they are seeing what is happening here in Washington. Right now there is a back-room deal being cut where literally the liberals running Congress are rewriting this government takeover of health care, and the American people deserve and want to know what is actually in the bill.

I think what frustrates the people the most is they look at all this massive spending, $1 trillion in new spending. How many people really think the $1 trillion spending with this government takeover of health care is not going to add another dime to the deficit?

People clearly know not only is this going to be a massive spending bill, but it is a massive tax increase, over $40 billion of new taxes, most of which is going to go on the backs of American families and small businesses. And then the cuts that senior citizens know are coming, $400 billion in cuts to Medicare, including programs that people like, like Medicare Advantage.

This is not the way to do health care reform. We need to fix what is broken, but we don't need to break what is working in health care. Unfortunately, their bill is nothing more than a government takeover with taxes and mandates that the American people don't want.


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