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Demand Federal Funding For Abortion Be Banned In Any Health Care Reform

Floor Speech

Location: Washington D.C.

Demand Federal Funding For Abortion Be Banned In Any Health Care Reform

Mr. GARY G. MILLER of California. Mr. Speaker, the administration and congressional Democrats are currently wheeling and dealing behind closed doors attempting a government takeover of our Nation's health care system. Additionally, the Democrat scheme provides a back door to allow for the government funding of abortion.

Since 1976, Federal funds have been barred from being used for abortions, and Democrats are refusing to continue this policy. Some of my colleagues will tell you their plan doesn't fund abortion, yet, on page 171, section 303 states that at least one plan participating through the new government-run exchange must cover abortion services. In addition, the bill contains explicit language saying ``nothing in this act shall be construed as preventing'' the public option from paying for all elective abortions.

The public option will be a Federal program using Federal funds. The American taxpayers will be forced to send part of their hard-earned dollars to Washington every year to end the life of an unborn child.

I call on my colleagues in this House to demand that Federal funding for abortion is banned in any and all forms of health care funding.

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