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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, D.C.

Mr. Speaker, we're the people's House. The other body is called the House of Lords, but we are here to represent the people who sent us here.

I quote a great speech from Governor John Connally of Texas when he was first elected Governor back in 1963. I served in the Texas Senate. I was in the crowd as he was speaking to a group of school board trustees, telling them to run their own schools, to make their own decisions, not the Nation, not the State, but they should make the decisions. They're there just like you're here.

He told a story about ancient mariners that were adrift, shipwrecked off the coast of South America. Unknown to them, their raft had drifted into the fresh waters of the mouth of the Amazon River. They prayed for help.

Ship ahoy, rang out their cry. There came a voice from the waters far, Drop your buckets where you are.

Don't vote to dim the lives of future generations, of future taxpayers. This bill is a generation killer; the victims are our grandchildren.

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