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Abortion And The Democrat Health Care Bill

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, D.C.


Mr. GOHMERT. I so much appreciate my friend, Mr. Smith from New Jersey. Earlier, he was talking about RU-486, and I couldn't help but reflect.

You know, we see people who are so concerned, properly, about our environment, about this wonderful garden with which we've been blessed, and they fight against the use of chemicals that may affect this wonderful garden. They go to organic food stores so they can buy food that has never had chemicals used. They exercise. They go to health clubs, you know, to stay in good shape because they're so concerned about living clean, wholesome lives. Then they would think about taking a poison into their bodies, and they know at the time they take the poison that it's not good for them, for sure. They know that the very reason for taking it is to kill a life within.

How could we get to this point that such a caring society--one that cares about the environment, that cares so much about the world around us and about the people around us, one that will walk up and just chew out anybody who is smoking because of what it does to their bodies and because of what the secondhand smoke does to them, and one that will protect any others around them from someone's smoking--would take a poison into their own bodies for the very purpose of killing? I mean how does that make sense? How did we get to this point?

Then you realize, well, the reason you do that--take a poison to kill a child, a life within--is you're wanting to avoid the consequences of your conduct. That's the bottom line.

Then you come to realize, if you live in a society that goes on, say, 35 or 36 years where it becomes completely legal and acceptable to even poison or to kill or to decapitate for the sole purpose of avoiding the consequences of what we do, then you get to a point where people would want to avoid any tough decisions, any consequences. So you would get to the point where we are today where, perhaps, 40 percent or so would be willing to say, You know what? I'm willing to give up my freedoms just so I don't have to worry about consequences anymore. I'm going to give up my liberties, give up my freedoms so that my government will take care of all of my health care decisions from now on.

Isn't that wonderful. The government will make our health care decisions. They'll decide which things will be funded and which things will not, and I won't have to think about it anymore. I won't have to worry about it anymore. Just like when I got involved when I shouldn't have and the consequence was a life within me. I didn't have to worry about them because I could just kill that life with no consequences.

There is a woman named Abby Johnson who's self-described as ``extremely pro-choice,'' who said she knew it was time to quit in September when she watched an unborn child ``crumble'' as the baby was vacuumed, dismembered, and destroyed.

I appreciate my friend Chris Smith's bringing this to my attention. Abby Johnson is from Texas. She said, ``The clinic was pushing employees to strive for abortion quotas to boost profits.'' In former clinic director Abby Johnson's words, ``There are definitely client goals. We'd have a goal for every month for abortion clients.'' The article continued, ``The Bryan Texas Planned Parenthood clinic expanded access to abortion to increase earnings.'' They reported that Johnson said, `` `One of the ways they were able to up the number of patients they saw was they started doing the RU-486 chemical abortions all throughout the week.' ''

Yes, that's the ticket. Just give people poison and let them not only kill a life, but poison their own systems. People that wouldn't dream of smoking, it's okay, take this poison, can kill a life, and hurt yourself.

Well, World Net Daily did an article and they explained that ``RU-486 chemical abortions kill the lining of the uterus, cutting off oxygen and nutrients, resulting in the death of an unborn baby.''

Just like Chris Smith was talking about, you're starving a child.

Johnson said the chemical abortion cost the same as an early first-trimester abortion: between $505 and $695 for each procedure. And Johnson's words were ``Abortion is the most lucrative part of Planned Parenthood's operations ..... they really wanted to increase the number of abortions so they could increase their income.''

Folks, it is wrong. And if you didn't believe abortion was going to get funds under this bill, then you ought to believe it when you read the bill. You go to the trouble to read the bill. And when the subtitle is, and this is Page 110, ``Abortions for which Public Funding is Allowed'' and then read through there, gee, public funding must be allowed for abortion because it's in the bill if people will bother to read it.

But we come back to this: We're living in a time when we have got to come back to educating our children that conduct has consequences. And when you make them believe for 35 years that their conduct has no consequences, then you get to the point where we are today. You have a Republican administration running up the deficit and then you have a Democratic administration raising it exponentially because there are no consequences to our conduct. We can break the Nation but we won't go broke. We can, in the face of terrible economic conditions, run up the deficit even more and have no consequences because we know, going back to Roe versus Wade, we have learned in this country you don't have to have consequences to conduct.

We have got to come back to sanity while we have still got a country because we are in this country not because of what we did, what we deserve, but because people who came before us sacrificed, because they knew there were consequences to conduct. And we've got all we have today because of them. And the only way we will ever show we deserve what we have is if we can pass on a country with freedom and liberty, where, yes, there are consequences to conduct to those who come after us. And if we don't turn this thing around, they're not going to get the gift we were given.

I thank my friend from New Jersey for taking this hour and concentrating his time on such a critical issue.


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