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House-Passed Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. McCONNELL. Mr. President, last Saturday evening, Democratic leaders in the House passed by the narrowest of margins a massive bill with a simple goal: to vastly expand the Federal Government's role in the health care decisions of every American. This bill is strongly opposed by most Americans, which is why one out of seven Democrats voted against it. These Democrats have gotten the message that Americans are fed up with all the spending and all the debt and that they do not support a so-called health care reform that raises premiums, raises taxes, and slashes Medicare. Americans don't want a 2,000-page, trillion-dollar government experiment in health care. They want commonsense reforms that increase access and lower costs.

Soon, Senate Democrats will propose their version of a health care bill. We don't yet know all the details, but we do know that at its core, this bill would also lead to higher premiums, higher taxes, and massive cuts to Medicare to fund new government programs. This is not the reform the American people were looking for. This is not the reform they were told they could expect.

Americans feel as though they have been taken for a ride in this debate. I don't blame them. It is time we listen to the American people. At a time of double-digit unemployment and record deficits and debt, the views of ordinary Americans should not be cast aside.

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