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Blackburn Votes No On Govt. Takeover Of Health Care


Location: Washington, DC

Following a weekend debate, Congressman Marsha Blackburn (TN-7) voted no on H.R. 3962, a bill that would lead to the government takeover of health care.

"There are substantial flaws with our health care system. Unfortunately, there were also substantial flaws in this bill. Republicans and Democrats alike voted against this bill; not because we are satisfied with the status quo, but because this bill will make the state of health care in America much worse. This bill robs the Medicare trust fund of five hundred billion dollars, treating it like a slush fund to build an intrusive and extensive new entitlement. It forces billions in unfunded and unsustanible mandates on Tennessee. It places a bureaucrat between Tennesseans and their doctors. It adds billions in debt but will not heal one American."

"Through this debate, I supported and promoted other legislation that would bring down the cost of care by creating risk pools, association health plans, and allow the purchase of insurance across state lines. The Congressional Budget Office found that legislation I supported would have reduced a typical family's health care premiums by five thousand dollars a year without sacrificing a single American job or adding a dime to the deficit. My colleagues who voted for this bill can't make that claim."

"The proponents of H.R. 3962 began this debate with the claim that 'if you like the plan you have, you can keep it'. In a few short years, Americans will find that this is just another broken Washington promise. Soon, Federal bureaucrats operating under the orders of a Health Choices Commissioner will begin to drive insurance plans out of the market and force unwilling Americans onto a public option that won't meet their needs. Tennesseans know from our experience with TennCare what is in store for the American people and that future saddens me."

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