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Iranian Trials

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. PITTS. Mr. Speaker, last week the Iranian Government handed down death sentences to three activists who protested this year's stolen election in Iran. There are at least 140 other demonstrators who will be subject to these sham trials, and unfortunately, there may be more executions as the regime seeks to restore their iron rule.

The charges were phony, the trials were held in secret, the outcome rigged, and now the Iranian Government is only identifying condemned men by their initials. The Iranian Government is clearly on shaky footing; and according to some reports, they imported Hezbollah and Hamas radicals who wore face masks and who couldn't speak Farsi to harass and beat the demonstrators.

Unfortunately, we continue to negotiate with this brutal regime, legitimizing their autocratic rule, even though they are so weak they must resort to hiring brutal thugs from other nations.

The President should act swiftly, without regard to Russian objections to institute international sanctions that will support freedom for the Iranian people and undermine the vicious rulers who persecute them.

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