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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DeFAZIO. Well, the Republicans are invoking Freddy Krueger and saying that he wrote the Democrats' health plan, and it's going to be dangerous for Americans. Really scary.

I'll tell you what's scary. Scary is losing your job and being confronted with a bill for continued health insurance that eats up two-thirds of your benefits. Even more scary--and this has happened to people in my district--is having your company go bankrupt and being told that your health insurance will cost more than your unemployment benefits. That is, if you can get it; if you've never been sick, if your kids have never been sick. You can go into the private market and buy a policy that exceeds your unemployment insurance. Of course if you have ever been sick, a preexisting condition, forget about it.

The Republicans promised 132 days ago that they would have their own health care plan. Where is it? Now 132 days later, you know why we don't have it, why there is a resounding silence on that side? Because if you are going to take care of people with health care, you have to take on their two biggest benefactors, the pharmaceutical industry and the insurance industry. And that's the last thing the Republicans want to do, take on their biggest campaign benefactors. We have to take on pharmaceuticals, take on the insurance industry and have meaningful reform for all Americans.

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