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Health Care

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DeFAZIO. Mr. Speaker, well, 140 days after the Republican leaders promised a health care plan, it was leaked. It is a bold proposal. I think it was actually drafted downtown by the health insurance industry association, just like their prescription drug bill was drafted by the pharmaceutical industry.

Now the Democrats' bill outlaws the most abusive practices of the insurance industry: preexisting condition exclusion policy cancellation when you get sick, called rescission. Not the Republicans, they can still cancel your policy when you get sick. Even if you have been paying your premiums, they can still discriminate against your preexisting conditions. The Republicans wouldn't touch that one.

Now the Republicans actually are going to facilitate further abuses. The Democrats rescind the antitrust exemption of the insurance industry. Not the Republicans. In fact, they are creating a new safe haven for this industry. The industry can sell a national policy which will solve all of the problems, but they can go to any State they choose to sell that policy from.

They will choose the most abusive, least regulated State in the Union. And if you live in Oregon and you have a complaint about your insurance provider, you will have to file it in Delaware with the corporation commissioner. No, give it to the Republicans, new safe havens for the abusive insurance industry. Good work, guys.

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