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Republican Health Plan

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. DeFAZIO. Unlike any other industry or business in America, the health insurance industry is exempt from antitrust laws. That means they can and they do collude to drive up your premiums, to exclude you from coverage, to rescind your policy, a whole host of abuses. We do have a little bit of State regulation, but the Republicans are going to take care of that. They're going to create a new safe haven for insurance company abuses.

Insurance companies will be able to offer national plans--that's their big thing, yes--but they can choose any State in the 50 in which to base that plan. And no matter where you live and no matter what the laws are of your State, if you've got a problem--if they've denied you coverage, if they revoked your policy because you got sick, all the other abuses that go on every day within the insurance industry--if you live in Oregon, you'll have to be talking to the insurance commissioner in Delaware or Mississippi with your complaint. And guess what? They don't have consumer protections there for health insurance. The States will provide and compete, some States, the lowest common denominator, the least regulation to attract this great new business of abusive health insurers.

That's the Republican plan. They're always delivering for their buddies in the health insurance industry while the payments roll in at campaign time.

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